Marketing Directors have their say

We asked some of our clients “As services in the  marketing industry explode beyond strategy, creative, media, PR, social media, web development, research etc. is the challenge to manage the various suppliers or is the inclination to consolidate?”

adam-garone-movember co founder

Adam Garone, one of the founders of Movember said

“We will continue to engage the very best staff and agencies to perform these roles.  Some roles such as social media, PR and brand strategy are best done in-house.  Creative, web development and research require a range of technical skills at varying resource levels throughout the year which are best outsourced.  I prefer multiple agencies that are experts in their fields over a multi faceted agencies.”

Josephine Evans, Marketing Director from Tireworld said

“Ideally the preference for us (being a medium sized privately owned company with a small marketing team) would be to consolidate these areas as there would be obvious advantages and synergies using one agency that could provide the whole gamut of services.  Admittedly it may be an initial challenge taking that leap of faith and assigning all services to one company, as the sceptic in me would be concerned that it is less likely that one company could specialise in every marketing service and deliver a better result than individual companies that dedicate themselves to only one specific service.  Considering that agencies are becoming more and more accountable in  delivering results and achieving their clients’ KPIs, maybe it wouldn’t be such a scary thought to entertain.”

Tim Pethick, entrepreneur at large, brand guru and founder of Nudie, said

“As the environment becomes more complex typically service providers become more specialized. We’ve seen this in other industries or professions in the past. For example, accountants and lawyers have become increasingly specialized as the legislative framework has become more complicated. I think the same will inevitably need to happen with marketing services. No one provider can competently span the range of specialties dictated by the explosion of requirements. I think the trend will be for clients to manage a variety of best-of-breed specialist suppliers. This is in the best interests of the client and it also ensures service providers continue to develop deep domain expertise.”

Please join me in thanking these three for finding the time to provide their opinions. I have posted Adam’s photo in honour of Movember 2009 having its official Melbourne launch tonight.

Next week’s question will be “In the face of dynamic pull-social media platforms is there a long term future for data bases and pushing information via data bases?”

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