Is Social Media for everyone?

381_worksafeLogoClever use of social media tools such as Blogs, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter can create value for organisations in many ways. From simple research and monitoring  of consumer sentiment, to improving customer service and building a tribe of passionate fans, these online tools can help you get closer to more of your customers. But should every brand get closer to their customers? More importantly, do customers want to be closer to every brand?

I caught up on Friday with Steve Pask, Web Manager Marketing & Communications at Worksafe Victoria who believes that Social Media is not always for everyone.  Steve believes that Social Media can be a great tool for companies who have a group of followers that are genuinely interested in their product, or to help set the record straight if bloggers get their facts wrong, but it’s not always the best option for brand marketing purposes.

At Worksafe Steve has been looking at social media for a quite a while and trying to work out the role it could play in their marketing mix. Would enough people really want to follow and interact with Worksafe on a daily basis? As important as workplace safety is, does the return warrant the investment required to properly execute a broad social media strategy?  For a company like WorkSafe, more traditional forms of media may be more effective. Eg. [youtube][/youtube]
We agreed however that there could be a role for bringing together groups such as the 6-8,000 ‘Return to work’ co-ordinators who reside in different companies right across Victoria. These guys do important work and could really benefit from sharing their experience and knowledge. An online forum hosted by Worksafe might be a great way to bring them together, improving their skills and enabling them to feel more connected.
Whatever the role of Social Media in your organisation it should simply be an enabler of natural forces rather than a forced conversation.

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