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We are into day 2 of Darren ‘problogger‘ Rowse’s guide to 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB).

Day 1 suggests you develop your blog’s BBQ-moment to crystallise what your blog is about. We settled on “The FRANkVizeum blog helps marketers understand and exploit the ever-changing marketing communications landscape, with particular focus on brand strategy, media innovation and social business strategy with a twist of frivolous topicality.”

Day 2 suggests you post a comment which includes a list…lists are scannable, succinct, neat, persuasive and viral with many more attributes. I have no intention of replicating Darren’s 90 page work book and suggest the $20 to download it is money well spent.

So here’s my, albeit short, list. My list is one of ‘could try harder.’

customer service immersion

1. Prahran Aquatic Centre : for the last 6 years i’ve been a regular swimmer at this excellent 50M pool and really miss the around-the-corner convenience when its not open during the day which is generally mid May to early October. They have my email, mob and address by virtue of me being a season card holder. So i’m checking the opening date for this year and find to my utter suprise its been open since 10th August. Stonnington council please….would it have hurt to tell your biggest fans?

2. Greville Records : awesome music destination in Greville Street. I’m a big fan of supporting local, independent retailers but there come a point when it can become too hard. Ordering music through them is my want rather than heading down to Virgin or itunes. But their inability to provide a reliable service is frustrating especially when you want them to still be around in 5 years. Get organised guys we love you.

3. Across the road is Greville St Bookstore, similar situation. An institution, a destination and a part of the Greville St thing but there is a fine balance between hippy/green/bibliophiles and efficient follow up/customer service. Buy some software lovely ladies.

Ok my list of three is on the gripey side BUT you can never underestimate the value of a loyal, passionate and regular customer. Never take anyone’s custom for granted.

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