Three analogies for social media strategy

The garden – your (community) garden needs some dedicated care taking.carrot
You can’t grow any kind of community without caring. Who in your organisation have the skills and passion to take care of your community? I believe every brand will have a community person in the next couple of years.  A garden is also not a short term project (or “campaign”). Your online strategy is not the end of the road but the beginning – your road map.  You should follow the instructions, ask for help and not be scared to fail and learn from it. (Your facebook group doesn’t work for you? Plant something else instead!) For more garden analogy visit Armano’s Debunking The Myths of Social Media.

The doctor – To find out the best treatment, start with some tests!
Social strategy should be dealt with like any other pain. Your stomach hurts? We’ll have to do some tests. Chest pain? Ex-ray. Sometimes you’ll need three or more tests to provide you with a diagnosis. Your treatment might take a few statoscopeweeks and will require an investment of your time, money & will power. If you’re thinking about taking up social the best thing to do is to your organisation a thorough checkup.

The tool shed  – Use different tools for different purpose.
There are hundreds of social media tools out there and more are added every day. What should you use? Should you use twitter? Well, this is a bit like asking should you use a screwdriver. It dtape_measureepends what you plan to do. Don’t’ just enter the tool shed, pick up some tool and start to play around. We usually have something in mind before we even consider entering the tool shed. We probably have some sort of paper with some drawings and measurements. Create a plan, draw some measurements. then take the right tool for the job.

The funniest (and the most accurate) analogy comes from the slideshare presentation: What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later: “Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. Nobody knows how. When it’s finally done there is surprise it’s not better.” well, we didn’t stop trying right?

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