VB’s Superbowl moment

Keep your eyes out tonight for the start of The Ashes cricket on SBSVB will be debuting their 2 minute branding campaign ad before the first ball, with their irreverent take on the types of ‘blokes’ we should be celebrating as a nation – ‘The Regulars’.  Pup Clarke, Molly Meldrum and other famous Aussie ‘blokes’ feature in the ad.  Outside of the AFL/NRL Grand Finals, it’s probably as close as we’ll get to a ‘Superbowl half time ad‘ this year.

VB are doing a great job with their site, with online content mirroring the campaign, and plenty of fun gadgets to engage the average beer drinking Aussie.  It’s hard to follow up ‘A Hard Earned Thirst’ which has gained the brand so much mileage through the years – but this isn’t a bad follow up.

C’mon Aussie, C’mon!

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