Small Business Big Marketing

engageLaunched recently is a new small business podcast from Small Business Big Marketing (SBBM)
Four small business owners chew the cud with Tim Reid and Luke Moulton .
This month the guys talk to Flip Shelton writer & muesli maker, Mel Bridge founder of GXY recruitment, Darren, the co-owner of St Kilda Boat Sales and John the founder of Wicked Campers
As any small business operator will know it can be a lonely business so the idea of this initiative is to create a forum for collective learnings and opinions. I’ve thought this has been an opportunity for a while and hope it gathers momentum.
The problem with most other small business sites such as this is that they can be bewildering and alienating. SBBM comfortably engages with successful entrepreneurs and provides the opportunity for dialogue and sharing.
It’s early days and the guys are finding their manner and tone but i can see this expanding to being a hub for all small business aspirants in time.
Great idea and good energy.

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