Revolution a commin’

jimiHang in there with this one…it’s well worth it.
FACT: Connecting consumers with ads that interrupt content is on the wane. More brands want consumer-engagement, brand-relevance and shared experience to endear themselves to their brand communities.
FACT: Most people want to download virus free/safe freemusic but would prefer it if the artists received some money, from somewhere, otherwise the music industry will be increasingly choked of revenue and its lifeblood will be threatened.
OPPORTUNITY: Create a site where consumers can download music for free (pretty much any music they want similar to itunes) but in this case brands foot the cost…some of which goes to artists. In return brands can take the opportunity to externalise their personality through their content, reversing the interruption model.
EXAMPLE: I want to download Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I go to GUVERA and search for Kashmir. Up comes say five brands that will ‘allow’ me to download this for free…for example Jack Daniels, Heineken, Greenpeace, Harley Davidson and Nike.
The brands will be listed by preference that best reflect your personality profile & interests (necessary to submit when registering).
Let’s say a young mum decides to download Kings of Leon “via” as one their driving tracks…all good. It connects with a car-shift opportunity and endears the brand to this influential buyer/seller group.
The challenge for the brands will be to tailor creative relevance to their now easily segmented brand communities. As a brand how you want-to-be can be segmented subject to who’s looking. Interesting i think.
Planned to launch globally in the next few months (Australia in July) this will be a great one to check out. Music is the first engagement ‘medium’ and there are plans to evolve with movies, games and blogs.
Be interested in views and ideas…

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