FRANk’s first Community Manager

blogga.jpegFRANk has just appointed its first Community Manager, Sarah Willcocks.
Sarah joins us a savvy freelance contributor with the recently launched ONYA mag/web-azine and Managing editor of StyleMelbourne.
ONYA is about Australian people, businesses, culture, sports, places, beauty, fashion, environment, politics, lifestyle, music, issues, arts and ideas. It aims to grow into the online arena and be a hub of inspiration and information for its readers. Sarah’s first post is here. Stylemelbourne focuses on higher end fashion, beauty, events and social news in Victoria.

Sarah will nurture, manage and grow the community for Melbourne’s GPO (MGPO). Sarah will become the face of MGPO online in social communities and will amongst other things forge customer relationships, blog, edit content, moderate, answer comments, collaborate with other contributors, monitor buzz, develop twitter, the facebook page and help organise events with retailers and ‘Lovers‘.

For me the most exciting aspect here is the collective acknowledgement of the need for this role. Sarah will be the first of a number of community managers that we’ll be employing over the coming months as more clients better understand the need to align their ‘bought’ media with their ‘owned’ assets and their ‘earned’ social media play. After all just because social media is free doesn’t mean you do it yourself…it’s so much more than just starting a twitt or facebook.

The next FRANkademy about social media…what not to do, what to do and how to manage it is on June 26th. This session is nearly full so please be quick if you want to join us.

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