Introducing my Fantastic Five Favorite Female twitterers (or twitterettes :)?

With no particular order, some of most interesting ladies I’m following on twitter and why:


I owe twitter a big one for bringing back one of my favorite all time bloggers @KathySierra. This lady is the reason I’m calling customers “users”, talking about how to make them “passionate” and fond of Nordic horses. Bonus: Uses red font.¬† Follow or read the oldblog. Now.


Heather Snodgrass @likeomg is a social¬† media adviser at Amnesia/Razorfish Sydney. She’s witty, extra cool, sometimes silly (good silly) and usually, well… like OMG. She’s the kind of girl that will take your money and dye to blond just for charity. And fun. Bonus: cute overload. Follow or watch her tumblr grow here.


One of the first community/creative/media/social/strategy/blogger gurus is @KatieChatfield, a knowledgeable veteran who shares her presentations like holy bread. The author of Get Shouty will get you easily excited by memes, manifestos and monsters. Bonus: Bunny ears avatar. Follow here.


No idea if this is her real name but @vickysita from San Fran is constantly bringing home the goods. Her tweets about future/web2.0/social media always send me to interesting places and her avatar reminds me of Wednesday. Bonus: maybe she’ll put a link soon. Please follow.


Orli Yakuel @Orli is one of Israel’s top 2.0 bloggers. It seems like her fingers don’t leave the pulse even when she sleeps. Actually I think she never sleeps. Covering web2.0 for the last 4-5 years Orli is THE woman to know (Sorry blond2.0). Her blog go2web20 is jam packed with web2.0 app madness. Well after all it is the largest online directory for Web 2.0 applications worldwide. wow. follow. Bonus: addictive office games & rare videos of early morning dog walks.

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