Channel plan this…

change1.jpegGreat article in the current AdNews from Lee Stephens, CEO of Aegis Media. He cites the passionate scramble for a seat at the channel planning table amongst media companies, advertising agencies and others, last year, as unseemly and in hindsight irrelevant.
A significant advertising restructure is afoot in the face of the GFC coupled with a transformative process in media consumption prompting the question of ‘how relevant is channel planning?’ The emerging digital media landscape will place a premium on self expression, micro publishing and fragmentation.
For advertising agencies the challenge will be to better understand a brand’s many dimensions and how each of these ‘personalities’ can resonate with target audiences. The days of distilling a central brand personality and rolling it out across media is becoming redundant.
For media agencies there will be a shift from the comfortable world of traditional media and the cosy custodians of measurement as reach, frequency and impact are superseded by engagement, preference, conversion, intention and motivation.
Lee suggests that pure planning agencies, created to tailor channel planning, will be challenged when key channels become unplannable as consumers begin to lead brand discussions.
Original thinking, i like.

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