The Real Hugh Jackman


Amongst the many celebrities who are currently Twittering, Hugh Jackman is using his profile to try and make a difference.

The Twitter post (pictured above) outlines his charitable approach, with Twitter the forum for each non-profit organisation to pitch to Hugh the reason why they want the AUD$100,000 in 140 characters or less. Hugh currently has c. 96,000 followers, giving the star a significant amount of sway on the social network.

Earlier in the month Hugh was criticised for not writing his own Twitter posts, raising the issue of authenticity, which is absolutely crucial for brands and personalities on the site. His post referred to Sydney Harbor (sic) and the Opera House as the ‘Opera Center’. But in true Hugh form, the Aussie star was upfront and honest, stating that someone else ghost-writes his profile, and that this particular Tweet was lost in translation.

We think this funding would be great for our fantastic men’s health client Movember, Hugh! As the perfect picture of men’s health, we need your voice, and your money!


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