Twitter return on investment demonstration

Here is a case of using social media to turn negative word of mouth into positive one and getting a lot of credit for it in the process.

From (and Tamir from Digital Seed) comes this local story: “A TWO-line Twitter post pushed my mortgage application from the Commonwealth Bank’s “to do” list to an urgent priority. The post said simply: “CBA f#$&ked up our loan approval so we’re still waiting to exchange contracts”. One hour and 17 minutes after it went live I was contacted by someone offering help to solve my problem. That person was the head of Commonwealth Bank’s customer service team. He told me the message made him “feel like crap” and the bank was only just beginning to understand how crucial social media sites were in maintaining the corporate giant’s image. By 3pm the next day, my loan was formally approved.

Here’s what a twitter search for “commonwealth bank” brings back:


Not bad ha? As twitter becomes more like a word of mouth search engine it’s crucial for any brand to have their ear out there and listen. It’s even better if you have someone that can react quickly and fix things up in real time, out in the open. How much is this kind of positive publicity worth? and how much it’s going to set a brand back for not getting it right? Yes, there is fear from washing the dirty laundry in front of everyone but in making it public you can also demonstrate how clean your brand can be.

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