Rotten Tomatoes land in Oz


Good news for Aussie movie buffs, with the Australian version of Rotten Tomatoes launching today.  For those unfamiliar with the brand, Rotten Tomatoes is a US-based website that aggregates critical opinion on movies, along with providing movie trailers, pictures, news/interviews/reviews related to all things cinema.

Their staff search the Internet for as many websites as possible containing reviews of particular films; from the amateur to the professional (for instance, respected cinema guru David Stratton is one of the many reviewers canvassed). They then determine whether reviews are positive (“fresh”, and a red tomato) or negative (“rotten”, and a green splatted tomato).  If the positive reviews make up 60% or more, the film is considered “fresh”; less, and the film is “rotten.”

While this may seem like too simplistic a method to rate movies, especially with people having vastly different cinematic tastes, the numbers don’t lie.  Across 2007 in the US, films released that scored a “fresh” rating made, on average, $1000 more per screen than films which were scored as “rotten”.  It also helps to dispel a common myth that movie critics are elitist, while moviegoers are populist.

Another feature of the site, ‘The Vine’, provides a tool for personal publishing (journals), social networking tools and also access to user forums, adding a community element to the site offering.

Hopefully Rotten Tomatoes helps Australian filmgoers to pick the right movie, and avoid wasting their hard-earned on the latest box-office bomb.  A quick analysis of Jessica Alba’s movie career so far, many people will have to agree with the effectiveness of their methodology!

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