How can twitter work for you?

twitttwo.bmptwitter is growing and so are the ways to use twitter as a marketing tool.

Bigpond is using its twitter as a customer service meets news flash. Here’s from their bio: “…We’d like to help out with any questions you have so drop us a line. We’re Online 9am–6:30pm M-F”. There is plenty of promotional Telstra material as well and at the moment they have 498 followers.

STA travel Australia is twittering about traveling, their twitts are a mix of STA news, funny things and links about travel and communication with their 331 followers.

Dell just made a cool 1 million from twitter sales and now offering special deals to their twitter followers. This is a new and exciting way to give something back to your loyal followers and use marketing as a service approach. They have 17,443 followers.

As twitter marketing grows some clever ideas are offered to marketers and retailers. If you’d like to play with a twitter marketing try twitqpon – an application that will help you to create a twitter coupon for your followers. To find out how more brands are using twitter check out Mashable’s post: “40 of the best twitter brands and the people behind them

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