Clever ideas travel fast

If you want to sell more, make yourself famous or help out a charity – you can. Without spending a lot of money. The only ingredients you need are time, passion and one good, simple idea. This is the basic (and beautiful) truth of Marketing. Here are three ideas.

First stop is AntiFRanOrganFarm. These RMIT students had a simple brief. Make yourself famous. They decided to create a band. Never mind none of them can play or sing. 20,000 views later and a concert in Melbourne got them answering this brief perfectly.

famous-book.jpgNext is Asi Sharabi from No Man’s Land with a new social project on the loose. It’s a six degrees of separation meets pass the parcel. It’s a book that will have 6 people adding things to it, each of them passing it along to the most famous person they know personally. This person adds something to the book and there it goes again. When the book returns to Asi he will put it on ebay and the proceeds will go to the NSPCC . Good luck with it mate!

And from Adnews comes this story about Unicef’s “Tap project”: “The Tap Project was created by Droga5 founder David Droga and launched in New York on World Water Day 2007, on 22 March. As part of the project, hundreds of participating restaurants across New York invited customers to donate $1 for the tap water they would normally get for free…Unicef has declared the Tap Project the most successful single initiative in the organisation’s history. One day of donations in New York generated years’ worth of safe drinking water for children in need.” Now Unicef are looking for agencies to help them spread the message in Australia pro-bono.You can find out more about this project and how to get involved here. (and AdNews: it’s about time you start having the right links to the right pages in your posts) [youtube][/youtube]

If you have a great, simple idea that helps someone else, lets chat. Maybe we can even find an organisation to support it? If you are part of an organisation… do the same.

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