Social capitalism – TAXI’s 15 below project


About two weeks ago I was chatting with a guy at the climate change rally. As a socialist activist type he wanted to take down the capitalist system – “Look at what is happening now”, he said “its all capitalism fault”. I thought this is a bit extreme (We all love buying nice stuff no?) and offered an alternative.

I was suggesting something called Social Capitalism. Social capitalism for me means: capitalism with a social conscious. It means that instead of spending ten million on your advertising, you will spend nine million. 10% of your budget will go for a social cause.  Here’s a great example from my all time favorite ThreeMinds:

“To celebrate its 15th anniversary, The Toronto-based agency TAXI decided to mark the occasion with a big idea, one that would give back to the community. What they’ve created is The 15 Below Project and a jacket for the homeless. The jacket is breathable, waterproof, lightweight, and the lining is made up of pockets throughout. These pockets can be stuffed with newspaper to provide adjustable levels of insulation from the cold. The concept came from Steve Mykolyn, Executive Creative Director at Taxi who enlisted long-time friend and designer, Lida Baday, to create the jacket.”

How about taking this project even further? in a brilliant move TAXI is also auctioning 15 signed jackets on ebay. This is pretty cool. How about coming up with something like this instead of our regular Christmas gifts for our clients? how about a project like this instead of a Christmas party?

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