What’s the right way to make customer delight?

delight.jpgFind a simple way to make me talk about you and love you. Give me something I need/want. Don’t make it hard for me to participate. Make it easy for me to tell a friend. Make it worth my while.

This is what T-mobile was trying to do in the US last week. They called it: “Customer Delight Day” and they got PR from a number of sources including this mention in CrunchGear. Now, I love the idea of Customer delight but in this case I think the marketing team was getting high on their own supply. Here are some of the comments on the CrunchGear post:

“I stopped by a T-Mobile store today (original, not a reseller) — the rep didn’t know anything about the promotion so couldn’t offer anything. It was in in the Washington DC metro area.” 

“During these rainy days in Seattle this is one of the few bright spots to look forward too. Thank you TMobile for making my day more enjoyable. I’ll just go to your downtown store to be delighted. Oh wait it is closed. F U BASTARDS” 

“Sort of smart, given the absolute customer satisfaction peril the telecom industry is in. But still quite misguided – a wham-bam-thank-you-m’am stunt like that is sure to get some PR value (heck, here we are talking about it) but doesn’t exactly foster a long-term relationship with even those customers who do stop by to collect their “delight.” Missing the “step beyond” factor.” 

How about making customers delight day every day of the year? Or every week? Instead of a get $10 free calls how about making every Monday a mummy makeover day? That’s what Kidspot social, the social place for mums are doing and it’s a great example of how to grow a community of passionate users.

Here’s what this weeks winner sent to Kidspot:

Mum mum mum I want some fun
Always about the
Everyday is the same
Outrage at Mum saying No
Violent Tantrums they can throw
Endless nappies to be changed
Round the clock I hear MUM!!

Makeover Monday my only hope
One day for me me me
New hair for a yummy mummy
Daddy (husband) will think I’m a MILF
Attractive & Alive
Yes this will make me want to give you a HI-5

You’ll notice the first letters make the words: Makeover Monday. How’s this for some brand loving? Please compare with the comments on the T-mobile promotion. Here’s the big difference: The Makeover Monday is a small treat but hey, it’s going to make the chosen mum KICK ASS. The T-mobile promotion doesn’t make me kick ass. Is your marketing helping your users to kick ass?  (Thank you Kathy Sierra – wish you were still blogging).

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