Change is here? Get ready!


The first post I’ve written on FRANK thoughts was about change. Now everything is changing. The environment, the economy, the technology, the politics. In dramatic times of change there is no point in going “business as usual”. We cant just sit on the fence and see where this is going. In every change situation, especially in a downturn, there’s an opportunity. We just need to find it. A few thoughts on how to start:

1. Obama won because of the web – how can you do it? it’s not about investing more money. It’s about investing what you have in a different way. Twitter costs nothing. Can you spare 10 minutes per day to make your clients feel better? How about getting all your employees to send photos to flickr? video on youtube? it’s all there and all free.

2.  Make your users lives better – How can you help your customers? Instead of another advertising campaign talking about how you re-branded (changed your package and added a green overlay to your logo), why not spend the money on revolutionize the way packaging works (see how Amazon did it!) ? This is also called Marketing as a service. If done right it’s a word of mouth investment that can have enormous ROI.

3.  Use the wisdom of crowds – you don’t need an expansive and expensive survey to get some feedback. A time of change is a great excuse to “clean your closet”. Create a small (5 question) survey and email it to your clients. Ask for real feedback and do something about it! If you want to go the extra mile why not ask your customers to be part of your business. Starbucks did it. Want to do it too? you can use UserVoice.

4. Start reading blogs – blogs are a great source of information. More than that they are great source of inspiration. Start reading some and figure out how to use RSS (If you haven’t already, it’s easy). Another 20 minutes per day reading blogs can lead you to some extremely valuable ideas.

5.  Look for the people who know and ask for advice– there are plenty of us now. People who know how to use online tools and will be happy to answer questions, provide links, recommend colleagues and give away ideas.

What can you add to this? what did you do to find the opportunity in changing times?

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