Great news for 80’s kids – MTV is back!


Well, it finally happened. MTV is joining the next generation by putting all it’s music videos ONLINE. No more silly time spent trying to find your favorite music video on youtube but a simple, friendly site that will bring back all these great memories. (usually dancing with girls that were way taller than me).

More memory lane material include me bartending and VJing at the “Cats” bar in Tel-Aviv with VHS tapes recorded from MTV and shown via a projector on a big screen. This is how we did it back then: I used to watch MTV at home for hours trying to catch the right spot when songs start and recording them into a VHS tape. After having about 3 hours of music videos on tape, I used to write (on paper) a “song menu” with the name of the song, the artist, a comment about it and the exact time on the tape this song starts. Then, when I came to work at around 7pm, I would spend an hour building my “set” by fast forwarding and rewinding until the video I wanted was in place, ready to be shown later to our pundits.

Ok, back to MTV. A quick look at the most viewed all time will reveal pearls like the first video I’ve seen on MTV: Dire Straits “Money For Nothing”, My most anticipated video: Guns N’ Roses “November Rain” and my all time favorite: Take On Me By a-ha. Now, there are so many brilliant finds there but I’ll leave it to you. More good news? every video is embeddable, commentable and rateable. Here’s one of my favorite videos, bit of a summer opener. Welcome MTV, I missed you. (thanks to Lau Ardelean from threeminds).

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince |MTV Music

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