Brain Train Reign


Okay, Lipton has come up with one of the most engaging ideas I’ve come across in a while.  You may have seen one of their yellow print ads that challenges the reader with a visual mind puzzle or riddle – you know the ones, “How many noodles are there 2 or 3?”  or “Remove nine letters to reaveal a single word”.  No?  Basically, they’ve created a campaign that leads consumers to one of the most sticky websites of all time!  I have probably spent at least 2 hours on it this week and the effectiveness was demonstrated this morning when Tamir noticed that I said the words Lipton Tea 20x in one conversation.  Talk about awareness.  I even turned my nose up at the Tetley bag in my cup, feeling that it is now somehow inferior to the brain-cell-boosting Lipton.

If you want to know what I’m talking about go to Brain Train.  You won’t regret it!

liptonWARNING:  This site is extremely addictive.  Be prepared to get NO work done for at least the next hour.

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