NAB blogger campaign – toe in boiling water

icenab.JPGOK, to call this a blogger campaign is a bit of an overstatement. All NAB did was submit comments with a promotional message to 5-6 blogs. The blogs involved didn’t like it. Crikey was on it. Marketing mag followed. Duncan Riley called to boycott the bank. Jim Stewart interviewed NAB’s spokesperson. Julian Cole spammed back.

Let’s quickly take the spam test. Comments not related to blog posts? check. Comments promoting a product? check. Comments are copy/paste job from a company? check. Yep, this is most definitely spam. Now, the responsible PR agency Cox+Inall don’t blog. I will be surprised if they comment or even read blogs. That’s why they should have done research or ask someone who blogs before executing.

Here’s the number one rule when going to do anything involving social media: make sure the company you’re using is a participant not a watcher.

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