Is Corporate Social Media A Failure?

Finding your online communities ROI can be tricky for brands and “measuring it” brings a up a debate anytime. This post and links from Three Minds are so educational I thought I’d post it here.

“Is Corporate Social Media A Failure?

It started with a post last week on the WSJ entitled, Why Most Online Communities Fail, which stated that less than 25% of corporate online community have over 1000 members and that 60% of them cost over $1 million dollars. Follow-up posts exploded all over the blogosphere from ReadWriteWeb to Social Media Today, each with their own explanations why the sector is underperforming.

At the same time, many articles were published about how White-Label Social Networks are exploding and lists of the corporate social networks that are succeeding (on Social Media Today and Mashable). So is the sector really failing? What are the biggest mistakes being made? Does it have anything to do with a need for a community manager that possesses the essential skills to get consumers involved with the brand?

Later the Wall Street Journal came back and announced that the 60% figure was really 6% of communities over $1 million, a pretty big typo. But the discussion still rages on… is social media succeeding or failing for brands?…”

Does anyone know about companies in Australia who employ a community manager?

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