The toughest ad job in the world


Alex Bogusky is arguably the Steve Jobs of ad land.  Agency Crispin Porder + Bogusky has won the much coveted $300 million Microsoft account.  The brief:  Make Microsoft Cool

Fast Company June cover story featured Alex Bogusky on it’s front cover with a detail article on the history of the Microsoft brand and challenges it faces.

In recent times, Microsoft has stood by quitely as Apple took a blatant approach to mock it’s largest rival.  Mac vs PC ads are now pop-cult fixtures.  Continual large and innovative ad campaign approaches by Microsoft are often off mark and swiftly dissembled by Mac advocates.  The rapid growth of Google and it’s cult following has also left Microsoft further behind it’s tech competitors.

So how can Microsoft, traditionally viewed as a highly corporate, arrogant, and a bully, be “cool” again?  As Andrew Keller, Crispin’s co-executive creative director says, “To try to be cool is to not be cool”.

Crispin’s award winning and historic work on Burger King, BMW Mini, VW, and Truth, will now stand the toughest test with their new Microsoft account.

The question remains to be seen, can Microsoft beat Apple and Google?

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