Our online future – avatars, currency and socialising


I usually wonder about the future of the web and yesterday I stumbled upon this little nugget that got my brain juices flowing (thanks Techcrunch). Weblin is a service that lets you have an avatar online, traveling with you to every page. You’ll be able to chat to other people that are currently on the same site making your websurfing a social experience. The service also has a currency called “Kala” and I guess that soon enough people will start using it to buy virtual goods or even paying for real services. These kind of browser platforms are opening a whole new area of interaction online. Few questions that came in mind: How can this help with your online transactions? (talking to your banker avatar when you’re searching for a mortgage), How can this be used as an internal tool? (your employees can communicate & collaborate when they’re online), a branding tool? (branded avatars surfing the web?) and what will be the future of currency when every platform has it’s own? (Where can you get the Kala/Linden exchange rate?).

You only have to look at the phenomenal success of social communities and the booming of gaming, animation and virtual worlds to realize this isn’t just a game. For more similar services visit Techcrunch.

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