User centric web2.0 frank thoughts

Well, the good news first. Organisations are keen to understand the value of web2.0 applications and methodology – both internally and externally. But the road from learning to doing is long and often covered with land mines. Execution is still the number one problem. Who is the person/people that will take this on board and drive this change? When will they find the time/resources? Some organisations are starting to consider “webilities” (web abilities) of candidates applying for marketing positions.

Bigger organisations might get a special web change agent. These are concerns for big organisations. Conferences like User centric web2.0 are expensive and usually attended by big guys like government, finance and telecommunications. Unfortunately this excludes medium and small size business that can’t afford attending nor afford the time going through the steep learning curve. Does your organisation have someone looking at web2.0 solutions?

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