Profiling social profiles

Everyday, we see brands tackle social media by creating a blog, building a myspace profile, or create a social network to encourage user generated content.  Some are successful, some fall flat.  Often, this comes to a mis-understanding of their marketing goals and insights of their audience.


Forrestor has developed a Technographic Profile Tool to learn more and see actual data to identify the type of user your audience is.  Eg. Are they a Creator (someone who writes blogs), Critic (someone who comments) or a Spectator (someone who just reads blogs or watches videos from others)?  In most cases, a brand’s consumer will be the spectator who enjoys consuming content from a niche creator (which can be a brand’s influencer or fan).

Forrestor has provided a free generic tool for us to play around with… which is segmented by age, location, and sex.  The audience is profiled to Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, and Inactives.  Take a quick 8 slide read on each profile before you start on the Technographic Profile Tool.

It’s pretty top line stuff that you’d already expect to see.  But I can understand the value once we start customising to specific social groups.   Interesting to see how Australia stands against other countries.

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