Not-right outdoor


An appalling use of billboard vinyl, time and resource comes ironically from a couple of energy companies. TRU Energy and Energy Australia (see for yourself). There is a certain irony here. Vinyl used to produce outdoor skins is highly toxic at the manufacturing stage producing foul emmissions to make kyoto blush with a half life of thousands of years.

There are part solutions but there is light at the end of the tunnel with BIOflex a fully degradable PVC good for about 12 months…long enough. So please, anyone commissioning the production of outdoor skins, enquire as to the type of vinyl and also the printing process. Go with UV ink (90% makes its way onto the vinyl) NOT solvent ink (90% makes its way into the atmosphere).pollution.jpg

BIOflex will cost about 20% more but it’s the least we can do. Do it.

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