The "worst-billboard i've seen in a while" competition


Billboards are part of life’s rich tapestry but how much richer could they be if we could read them? I’d say 90% of creative work is assessed from about 1m…. mounted on card or from a monitor. Blowing this up to over 40sqm and placing it by a busy road does not necessarily guarantee consumer engagment. The in-office test of good billboard creative is to walk the A3 artwork about 10m away and take another look.

We are mounting the “worst-billboard i’ve seen in a while” competition. The winner will win a FRANk bag…made from an old Ansett billboard skin, surely a collectors items, valued at $80. Please send me (martyn at any images you capture and i’ll post them. The competiton will run until the end of June’08.

The catalyst for this idea comes from a billboard i saw yesterday from Energy Australia. This is truly appalling. Firstly it’s about an energy supplier so it’s inherently of low interest plus the “headline” is unreadable and as for the rest of the copy…well who only knows. Someone then commented on TRU Energy’s newest campaign…maybe you need to see a TV ad before this makes sense. Anyway these are my two entries.

Thankyou very much

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