What do you think about the change?

Ok, so here’s the thing: entire industries are changing because of what’s happening online. This change is driven by web users and web companies. If you disagree just look at the music industry. Are things the same? Now what about the TV industry? The advertising industry? The real question is not if change is coming or not. Its how can we get ready for it.

This is a general post about what’s happening just to kick things off. I am hoping to get some help from all you thinkers out there. So please share your thoughts – I’m sure we’ll need more than one post. Let’s get a bit more targeted. I’m wondering what will happen to advertising agencies both “traditional” and “digital”. In particular I want to explore different ways for brands to develop a communication strategy. I want to dive deeper into”brand experiences”, how can we create and deliver them. Here are a few conversation starters:

Laurel Papworth has a great post about the differences between digital media, interactive media, new media and social media. Idris mootee is writing about the end of the advertising agency as we know it and is thinking about brand utility and experience design as alternatives. If you’re a client and not sure what to do, you should read the kaiser’s latest piece of work – Please scroll all the way down and start reading upward. (Thanks to Katie Chatfield ).

I believe brands need to create a strategy to manage change. A piece of string that will guide them onto creating great experiences for their customers. This can be achieved when the organisation goal and the user goal are the same. This also means that customers happiness will be the top priority before the bottom line. Your thoughts?

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