BankWest's happy banking experience

BankWest’s happy banking initiatives is making me happy!

BankWest happy banking

Banking has been traditionally been associated to be a grudge experience. Increase fees, money hungry leeches, poor service, long ques, lack of staff smiling staff, push to ATMs, etc. BankWest should be commended for the company’s cultural shift to a happier experience. And I can’t imagine it to be an easy shift dusting traditional banking bureaucracy. Not only benefiting the customers, I can see this translate to their internal staff and business partners.

Evidence to this initiative, I’ve just made a phone banking call re. my home loan, and I was greeted with “Hi, I’m Matt, ……”. Thou still an automated greeting and I still prefer to speak to a human immediately, it shows they are trying. While on hold, they have an audio loop explaining their initiatives. Finally speaking to a consultant, a friendly voice (introduced as Pete) clearly explaining all the finance jargon and never putting me on hold again while he adjusts my account. If only all banks were this friendly!

Happy experiences = happy people… a simple formula! Hat’s off to BankWest.

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