Nike Trash Talk – eco friendly shoes

Nike Trash Talk shoes

From Springwise:

“Now, the US athletic shoe manufacturer seems determined to win over green-minded customers, too. In January, Nike introduced the Air Jordan XX3, which uses eco-friendly materials. Then in February Nike went a step further with Trash Talk. From the sole to the shoelaces, this shoe is produced not only from ‘environmentally preferred’ materials but also recycled waste, with much of the latter coming from Nike’s own production facilities—scraps that would otherwise have been discarded.”

It’s great global corporations are injecting green in to their products. As creators and drivers of consumer purchases, there is a social and ethical responsibility in what we do as marketers. We identify needs and wants, create a product, and market to the masses to purchase and discard at the end of its product life cycle. The end results could be packaging by products but part of the marketing process also sees large format outdoor billboards vinyls go to waste.

Where possible, we at FRANk encourage our clients to recycle their old vinyls to turn them into bags made by our friends at Haul. Not only you end up with a great bag, but it’s a great corporate buzz to give to your staff, sales team, etc.

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