Would you like some open source with that?


Let’s take a look at old business model Vs. New business model.

Old model says: let’s not release anything that isn’t perfect, lets keep our IP and lets have restricted access to our operations.

The new model fueled by web 2.0 is different. Let’s live in Beta – optimizing our offering all the time with the help of our users, Let’s release our IP and ask people to contribute and lets have open source software that other developers can use and improve on.

Easier said than done I know. But what if offline businesses can act like facebook (open source) or learn from Kluster?

Facebook phenomenon growth is due to it’s open source policy, empowering thousands of developers to use the facebook platform to build on. Everyone wins. Facebook has content, developers keep IP on their apps.

What if governments change to open source? think about having an online identity that allows people to create, vote or comment on government plans. This will mean each of us has a voice all the time, not only once in four years. It will mean that we can directly influence decision making in real time. It will mean that failed plans like the plan to stop kids looking at porn will be questioned before spending this ridiculous amount of money on ($85 million!!!).

Hmm…Can your business use some open source?

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