Just do it (the two point zero version)

Web 2.0 is now used by everyone to sell their online proposition and many tried to explain what it really means. What I believe is important to understand in our industry is that it’s only worth mentioning if you’re actually doing web2.0 stuff in house.
So, do you offer web2.0solutions to clients? Do you blog? Do you twitter? flickr? Tube? Tagg? Share? Dig? do you use an RSS reader? As a client, will you let someone who never blogged before give you advise about blogging?Will you let someone without a facebook profile build your social network application? Years ago advertising agencies didn’t need to advertise themselves. It was clear that what they do works. But online is a different ball game.
If you’re doing it – you understand it and this is valuable.
If you’re just talking about it…well… it’s cheap.

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