Google more powerful than WOM?

GoogleThe latest 2007 survey report from the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) reports “Forty per cent of all European online shoppers have changed their mind about which brand to buy after researching choices on the web.”

Other data emerging from the report:

– Over half of online shoppers (59%) say websites of well known brands are an important source of information when researching or considering a product or service.
– Search engines are considered more useful (76%) than personal recommendations (72%).

– 61% find price comparison websites a useful source of information, while 57% look to customer website reviews to help them choose.

– European consumers are most likely to change their mind as a result of online research when it comes to buying electrical goods – 59% changed their minds on brand – while 43% changed their mind when it came to booking holidays and travel.

What is surprising is Search Engines are now considered more powerful that personal recommendations. Google more powerful than Word of Mouth? It really puts into perspective the importance of digital PR management of what people are saying about your brand. Through the transparencies and scale of the web, there are now 1000s of users reviewing and blogging about their experiences with your brand and products. How do clients manage this process? Experience design has and now even more important.

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