The Results


Last week, FRANk sent 160 pineapples to client, partners, and suppliers as a Welcome to 2008 gesture (blog post). On the pineapples, all we attached was a link to our newly designed blog that was also launched last Tuesday. So here are the results after 1 week:

Cost of 160 Pineapples = $720
Cost of Courier = $380
Cost of Printer = $170
Total Cost = $1270

Result = 289 Visits (202 Unique Visits)

Cost Per Visit = $ 4.39

Not bad for a Cost per Click/Visit return on investment. A creative way to generate a bit of buzz with our clients/partners and a direct response to visit our new blog. And, the engagement with the FRANk brand from clients = Priceless!!

Thanks to Dion and the crew at Lifelounge

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