A Wii bit of pain


It’s been over a year since Nintendo first launched its revolutionary new game console called Wii. I’m sure by now you’ve either experienced it for yourself or have heard of the unfortunate tales of injury and destruction that has come as a result of using it. If you haven’t, then I suggest you check out Wii Have a Problem, a blog dedicated to reporting wacky Wii-related stories.

I’m usually the late adopter of this sort of technology and the Wii was no exception.

The Australia Day weekend presented itself as my first opportunity to experience the world of Wii. It was in the late hours of a Sunday afternoon BBQ when a couple of the adults decided it was time to push the kids aside and take charge of the Wii. Bowling was the game of choice and I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. I was simply going to have one go and leave it at that.

Two strikes later and I was hooked.

Convinced I could out do the pint sized 10 year old who held the record for the day of 3 strikes in a row, I geared up for my attack. I swung my arm, bent my leg and lunged forward……I screamed in pain! No strike and a butt check that felt liked it had been ripped in half. Despite my pain, I continued on determined to win. Twenty Five minutes later I was defeated. I walked away in shame, for the first time in my 27 years I felt old.

The following morning was the last straw; I crawled out of bed in pain reminiscence of a scene after the first day of the snowboarding season. I was in agony from head to toe, with my shoulder taking most of the impact.

Who would have thought a video game could be the cause.

For those of you who have dared to try it and come out unscathed I salute you, for those yet to venture into the world of Wii heed my words……stretching your limbs prior to play is vital. I think from now on I’ll stick to Sing Star no matter how bad I sound!

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