Board games will be no threat to the telly……..


Word is that the writer’s strike is expected to be resolved within the next fortnight.

Regardless, I wouldn’t anticipate any drastic declines in TV viewing that would see the networks worried, particularly Channel Seven.

7’s top performing programs in 2007 were the likes of Dancing With the Stars, Border Security, Kath & Kim and City Homicide to name a few.  All Australian produced programs.  Seven is not in a position in 2008 where they are relying solely on US programming to generate ratings.

It’s difficult to imagine that if a handful of these programs were rescheduled for a few weeks that this would greatly impact the average Australians daily TV viewing of 3.23 hours.  TV Networks will often pull off series midway through the season to extend their life.  As irritating as this can be, it certainly hasn’t deterred viewers in the past.   And sponsors certainly don’t jump off these programs in outrage when this occurs.

If anything at all, Subscription TV may see some good numbers on that night (particularly from younger viewers who pull in the numbers for programs such as Greys).  But also likely, is that 7 will have plenty of programs on hand ready to run that will keep the majority of TV viewer’s content to stay in front of the box.

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