Day3.0 – David & Goliath

Day 3 at Frank had me working to develop an Agency 2.0 structure and it has been a re-wiring process for me from a global process focused agency to a boutique thought leadership agency. Working for years in a global Goliath agency on international and national blue chip clients has ingrained “their” way or flavour of doing media. Everyday, agencies boast of new tools in the market and expertise in certain fields but in reality they are all the same different things. Large agencies with big staff numbers and large client dollars have the strength in influencing media partners… ie. deliver the best deals in the market… which in itself a valuable service to the clients. In an ever changing landscape, along came Web2.0… Goliath responds by plugging a digital division into their agency… being the digital experts, they start preaching the evolution of digital and the core of Web2.0 trends: increase in time spent online = respond by putting more media budget into online campaigns….. Web2.0 is all about 2 way communications = respond by putting a million 1 way communication banners…. users want control and engagement = respond by Enter to Win a Prize… Will digital agencies change any time soon?… I don’t believe so for two reasons: by default the way digital divisions are structured in agencies, and most digital divisions lack the brand strategic skill set (most focus on strategic media buys… best/innovative way to place a banner). Their solutions are often not what they preach about.

Moving into Frank, it has been inspirational to see the thought leadership in this space and be among pioneers. Totally embracing the Web2.0 culture, it is refreshing to see an agency understanding where an Agency 2.0 needs to be and boldly take a larger step than a Goliath agency ever would. Working with a smaller team allows us spend quality time with each client brief to develop an out of the box solutions that most agencies today are still trying to get their head around. Admittingly it will be a challenge but a welcomed one to become leader. Without revealing too much… Watch This Space! Dave

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