FRANk growing pain


The good news is that we are growing. So we need new stuff for people to sit on and sit at. We use Freedom dining room tables for our desks…frosted glass on chrome legs.

I’ve just returned from my local Freedom in Chapel St, Melbourne. I explained that we had bought six tables in recent years and was after a couple more. Do you have my customer records? i ask. Because if you do then we’ll have two more of those (whatever you call them) and two more chairs, ‘manhattans’ i believe, delivered to the same address.

After some searching on their system they were able to provide me with my home address.

So entailed a walk around the store to identify the correct table, correct size (3 options) and correct chairs.

Then we went back to their system to check if in stock or two weeks wait (it was the two-weeks wait), provide delivery details, contact details etc.

So woe to go about 30 mins. I’m sure you’re ahead of me at this point.

Yes, why do they not have a small business ‘fast track’ online interface?

I could even use the term customer relationship marketing, at its most base level.

I’m sure Freedom don’t deserve to be singled out but come on guys are you so successful that the barrier to ease of purchase is so high?

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