The real-estate industry is still analog


Looking for a place to rent/buy is a big task. You’ll need to follow the websites, look for potential places, then inspect, apply and hopefully move in. Last week when I was inspecting a flat, I was given an application form. It was a paper one. I was actually expected to write down my details (instead of copy/paste) and fax it with other papery things like references. This seems old, time-consuming and just annoying. Wouldn’t it be simpler if I can just fill my application online? I can attach references, my CV and a photo of my dog. The agent can have my application on file, use it for all the properties I want to apply for and keep it for the next time I want to move.
If you’re in real-estate you just found a gap in your industry. The blogging gap has been filled by Renters’ Retreat,’s latest promotion.

Photo by zzub nik.

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