TVnnosaurus rex, the meteor is getting closer


In a time where anyone can have their own show (thanks mogulus), it’s no wonder we see a flood of online content produced by individuals and brands.
SMOSH have reached greatness with the number two most watched video (at all time) on youtube for over a year with their Pokemon theme song which got more than 30 million views worldwide. Since then they have a youtube channel which is the most subscribed channel on youtube and every single video they release gets watched by 1-2 million people. Not bad for two college guys and an HD camera.
Rockstartup is another reality web show telling the PayPerPost story. The series is showing the life of a start up, the relationship with their community and the office culture.
Take The Apprentice, put 2.0 after and you’ll get The Next Internet Millionaire (Hosted by Joel Comm). The same voice over, same game plan but with a few internet types instead of Fifth Avenue cut throats. I might not follow it regularly but their production value is pretty high and I’ve got a few laughs out of it.
The IT room is a show about… you guessed it. Going live on November 11, five IT heroes (including a little monkey) will try to save their company from an IT disaster. (I suspect this is sponsored by Dell). There you have it. If you’re still in doubt and think TV is going to stick around for much longer just go and read what Bill Gates thinks.
Gee, and if you still think Bill is wrong just watch hulu.

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