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The 5 sins of social media marketing

Social media marketing is not rocket science. It’s just human interactions with new shiny tools. That’s it. 

Run from any ‘social media expert’ who recommends you spend big $$$ on Facebook apps and start an Instragram # campaign without…

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Willy Wonka Foreshadows Social Media

Oh, the Noughties.

We’ll remember you fondly.

In the age of the internet boom, stuff was new…exciting…there was a sense of expressive freedom. Essentially, most things were FREE. People shared their own (and others) property at will.

Perhaps you could…

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Social media as a sales tool

Social media can be a powerful sales tool if you know how to unlock its potential. 

Personally, I find the term ‘social media’ quite misleading; after all, media is something you buy but you certainly can’t buy your way…

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