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The 5 sins of social media marketing

Social media marketing is not rocket science. It’s just human interactions with new shiny tools. That’s it. 

Run from any ‘social media expert’ who recommends you spend big $$$ on Facebook apps and start an Instragram # campaign without…

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Decentralising Social Media

One of the things we talk about at FRANk on a regular basis is where companies think Social Media should sit within their business. Most often, companies believe Social Media should sit within the marketing function of the organisation –…

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Social Business – Do You Get It?

FRANk Media - Idea

You’ll have heard this:

“Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things.
Small people talk about other people, and then, sadly, there are the people who love to talk about themselves.”

Why is it then that when…

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Dove Facebook Campaign Gives Ads a Makeover

Preying on insecurities is a common ‘strategy’ in advertising, and especially so when targeting women who are forever conscious of their weight, height, level of hair shine, amount of belly roll, etc. But it really can make you feel ‘not…

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