Movember wrap

Man of Movember in Melbourne

Well it’s over for another year and big thanks to anyone who contributed in any way. There are masses of photos on Movember’s flickr showcasing the gala parties from around the globe. My favourite set is “Brushes with Fame”…

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Movember ’09 website launch

movember '09 webIt’s nearly that time of the year where facial hair plans its return across the country as the mo’nth formerly known as November, Movember, is soon to roll around again for a mo’mentous 2009. Things have kicked off very well…

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The Real Hugh Jackman


Amongst the many celebrities who are currently Twittering, Hugh Jackman is using his profile to try and make a difference.

The Twitter post (pictured above) outlines his charitable approach, with Twitter the forum for each non-profit organisation to pitch…

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