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How the mobile web is disappointing global users

Even though I’m perfectly grateful for having an iPhone with 3G, I’m not very happy with my provider (who shall remain nameless). I haven’t had proper 3G for almost a year – instead I’m trapped in constant ‘roaming’ mode. But…

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FRANk’s weekly media updates- October 4, 2011

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Google expands AdWords to include video ad campaigns on YouTube

FRANk Media Newsletter_YouTube

Google is enabling greater integration between its AdWords and YouTube ad offerings for all advertisers. AdWords for Video aims to simplify online video ad campaigns, allowing advertisers…

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FRANk jam – our pickings of the week

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Facebook launches massive changes

FRANk Media Newsletter_Facebook changes
You may have noticed a slew of changes on Facebook – these include a revised news feed that has combined recent stories and top stories, new photo layouts, a Ticker on the side…

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