Linkedin Publishing Platform – Long-Form Posts

Linkedin Publishing Platform – Long-Form Posts


What is publishing long-form posts on Linkedin?

Some of you may have heard of (or even been granted early access) to Linkedin’s new Publishing platform which is gradually being rolled out over the…

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Social Media News: February 2013

This Month in Social Media…


Instagram Expands to Desktops:

Instagram has announced in the last week their newest launch – Instagram Feed on the web.

Instagram has now made is possible for you to now browse your Instagram feed…

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New LinkedIn Profile, Better For Building Relationships

The new formatting for LinkedIn profile’s have been introduced this week. The site which currently hosts 175 million users, believe the new LinkedIn profile will provide necessary changes to make building professional relationships on the site even easier.

The changes…

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Comparing Advertising In Social Media

With the ever growing world of advertising in social media, knowing where to advertise and how to go about it are becoming very crucial factors for businesses. Various advertising options are available with each platform of social media, and choosing…

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