Social thinking through word-of-mouse marketing

Social thinking through word-of-mouse marketing

It would be way to obvious to write about how marketing has evolved and how traditional media is no longer reaching or influencing audiences (particularly upcoming Gen Y & Gen Z), and in order penetrate…

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Introducing Instagram Video!

A new addition, which we all saw coming, Facebook last week introduced to the world video on Instagram!

Of course, It wouldn’t be an introduction without a feel good video that explains nothing to go with it (see below).


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4 Ways Social Media is Evolving Businesses

No one can deny that social media isn’t huge (you’re a fool if you do!) and as it continuously evolves and changes, not only are people adapting and very accepting of this new way of not only communicating but living,…

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5 Mobile Marketing Myths Busted!

We bust 5 common mobile marketing myths and highlight the importance of mobile marketing for your brand. 


1. You can only reach a young audience

Whoever told you this is a liar! Although 73% of those aged 18-29…

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