Why is social media important for your brand?

To be a successful brand in today’s digitally driven world, you need to be a social business.

Many brands make the mistake of being on social media ‘because they have to’ and approach social media as an after-thought of their overall business goals. Successful businesses today integrate their social media efforts with their marketing, as well as the entire business.

Here at FRANk, we see the importance of social media playing an integrated part of your business objectives, and always start our social media strategy with your primary business objectives at the forefront of our mind.


FRANk’s Social Media & Digital Services:

FRANk Integrated Workshops:

It’s important that we understand your business objectives, that’s why we like to kick things off with a workshop with your team to plan and build your brand’s social media offering. This will help us to:

• Determine your short & long term business and marketing objectives, as well as challenges.
• Discuss your current marketing activities.
• Establish direction and guidelines for moving forward with your social media management.

Social Media Management:

Once we’ve defined your business objectives, we’ll get to work on the best social platforms for your brand.

FRANk’s Social Media Management includes:

• Set-up or review of your brand’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and anywhere else you see your brand getting social.
Content calendars: Planned in advance for optimum results.
Scheduling and planning: Across all social media platforms.
24/7 community management: So you can always talk to your customers.
Monthly reporting: Measure your success to implement what works and adapt what doesn’t.
• Ongoing recommendations of social media campaigns/tactics.
• Ongoing planning, learning, refining & management.

We also offer more detailed reporting if you really want to dig into your social media performance and audience data.

Social Advertising:

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that couldn’t be more apt on social media these days.

If you want your brand, content and offers to reach current as well as potential new customers on social media, it’s important to have social media advertising campaigns in place.

FRANk can provide set-up, guidance, campaign management and reporting across all social media advertising including:

Facebook Ads: Grow your page engagement, generate new leads, encourage website clicks and conversions, video views, or promote an offer, all through engaging and targeted Facebook Ad campaigns.

Twitter Ads: Promote your tweets, target new customers and increase your click throughs with engaging Twitter Ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads: Get your brand message in front of the customers you want, on a platform they trust and engage with through a LinkedIn Ad campaign.

As the social advertising world continues to adapt and engage, FRANk stays on top of all updates and possibilities, so you never miss an opportunity to reach customers.

Programmatic Advertising:

Integration of your marketing efforts has always been key to the FRANk approach, and Programmatic Advertising allows us to do this smartly, with real time bidding. Far from the pay and spray approach, programmatic advertising allows you to put your money exactly where it’s performing, at the time it’s performing best. It also allows us to integrate our display and social advertising, to optimise the platforms where it’s performing best, at the right time.



Food for thought…

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FRANKademy – Social Media Workshops

Interested in finding out how your company could use social media and what ROI is there to be had? Or are you in need of guidance for your social media strategy and implementation?  Find out more about our bespoke and general training workshops.


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