Social Media Strategy

The social space is new, exciting, and here to stay. At FRANk we understand what it takes to excel in the long term through a integrated and consumer-centric  approach to social media.

Several brands use the social tools of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. for social media marketing purposes – using the tools to mainly advertise, rather than engage with consumers. This approach is often about short term gratification, for example: How many people did we reach with our Facebook ad? How can we get our fan page to 10,000 Likes?

To FRANk it’s about creating longer-term value for business through listening, collaborating, and sharing customer needs (B2C & B2B) as the thinking behind the tools. The tools will come and go and are not an end in themselves.

We can help you define the real business need and objectives for social media and help you craft a realistic plan of action to support and integrate social media into your other communications channels and internal processes that produces meaningful, long-term results, rather than chasing superficial metrics such as Facebook Likes or retweets.

Our approach to social media strategy ties in heavily with social business strategy, and is concerned with a medium/longer-term mindset. A social business strategy revolves around creating a sustainable and long-term point of difference from your competitors and in the minds of your consumers, not by paying for advertising, but by inspiring consumer advocacy and engagement through the new social channels.


FRANk approach to social media - Not outspending the competition with Facebook campaigns but using social media to inspire and innovate


From strategic insights and recommendations, we can help you plan your social media initiatives in the platforms that suit your strategy, brand and resources best. We can help you develop and implement a social media strategy to generate leads, build your brand, create buzz, gain insights, reach consumers and convert sales. With a well thought out, realistic strategy we can help your brand make the most out of social media.


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