Social Media Strategy & Management

Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP Global Marketing Solutions defines social by doing:

“We mean thinking about your business as putting people at the centre, as opposed to the model where you used to publish messages to your consumers. This is hard to get your arms around because so many times your business has been built around your product or your message; now you have to think about building your business around people – what people are interested in and what they want to share with their friends.”

Social thinking is all pervasive at FRANk. We’ve been investing in social strategy and social management since 2007 when we launched our blog, now the FRANk Channel.

We all increasingly seek out opinions online about products and services before making purchase decisions. These are trusted more than a brand’s own website, and a lot more than advertising. There is a proven link between online conversation and sales.

“Recommendations from people I know” and “consumer opinions posted online” are consistently trusted across all generations. It makes sense that the opportunity for most brands is to tap into these formative moments, also referred to as the ‘zero moment of truth.’ These are the junctures when people are seeking peer-guidance, not just branded messaging.

We have a process, of course, which begins with you to develop a strategic road map and content strategy with the simple goal of delivering on agreed objectives and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage via social media.

As consumers we gravitate towards brands that help us.

We believe brands are defined by what they do, not just what they say. Modern brands are guided by purpose and built on experiences.

FRANk Media - Social Business is about the strategy first and the tools later

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